Senior Management

James G. Horton
CEO and Chief Technology Architect

As the Chief Technology Architect, James Horton is responsible for creating and managing the companies long term business and technology vision. This vision is fueled by's mission to leverage technology to improve the quality of life. James Horton is the author of the vision and road map that is today James Horton will continue his role as visionary and the executive in charge of ensuring the companies competitive position in the marketplace from both a business and technology perspective. Prior to creating, Mr. Horton served as a Principal for Borg Technology Group, Inc. a privately held consultancy providing mid-market companies technology and business leadership. Before joining Borg Technology Group, Inc. Mr. Horton was employed by a global technology integrator and number of Fortune 50 companies in a variety of industries including telecommunications, utilities, and banking. James Horton is a graduate of the Ohio State University with a B.S. In Information Systems, and currently lives in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

Leonard T. Clay III
Executive Vice President, Interactive Media

Leonard T. Clay III is Executive Vice President, interactive media. In this role Mr. Clay is responsible for guiding the development of media aspects of Mr. Clay is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Mr Clay brings years of experience related to the delivery of content to end-users with the Internet being the primary communication medium.